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The team of thewiSelection provides services in: website development, video recording, photo session, social-media management, social-media account creation, designs of all types, outdoor advertising, printing of banners, company logo creation, rebranding, software support for Windows and macOS, iOS and Android, installation of operating systems for Windows, macOS, iOS, hardware repair for Apple products, creation of Apple ID, setting up Apple products.

Designers and media professionals, unite!

Coming soon “design your city”: if you are involved in design or media and you are not indifferent to Tashkent, your city’s image, then join us. Together, we will make Tashkent the city of dreams for future generations.

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Midnight 0:00

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Midnight 4:53

Midnight Midnight

Oceans 5:22

Oceans Oceans

O 3:48

o o

Oceans 5:22

Oceans Oceans Hillsong

Sky 4:03

skyHillsong sky

Moonlight 5:23

Moonlight Moonlight

How will I know 4:46

How will I know How will I know

Writing on the wall 4:38

writing on the wall Writings on the wall

Jealous 4:46

writing on the wall Writings on the wall